Pequeno Cineasta International Film Festival’s 7th

Inscriptions open for Pequeno Cineasta International Film Festival’s 7th edition on 13th of april.

Created by producer and actress Daniela Gracindo, the FIPC selects short films directed by children and young people from 8 to 17 years old from all over the world. Inscriptions open until July 2nd.

In order to present and empower audiovisual productions made by children and youth in Brazil and the world. Pequeno Cineasta International Film Festival (FIPC) opens its doors to the seventh edition, set to be held in Rio de Janeiro in October (sessions and venues will be announced shortly). From April 13 to July 2, children between the ages of 8 and 17 from Brazil and the world can inscribe their movies for free at www.pequenocineasta.com.br, where the complete regulation also will be available.

Created in 2010 by Daniela Gracindo, FIPC promotes a great debate about the universe of children, discussing current educational concepts and values within cultural diversity. In its six previous editions, the festival has featured more than 900 films from 28 countries, reaching an audience of ca. 7,000 people. All editions have, apart from competative and non-competative screenings, workshops, debates and round table discussions with the presence of renowned Brazilian and foreign professionals, enabling the exchange of new knowledge and processes of achievement.

“We opened space for children and youth in a universal way so that there is a quota of audiovisual language created by this age group,” explains Daniela Gracindo, who is also teacher at the Pequeno Cineasta Workshop when she is not producing the festival, to teach students about cinematography. “We get an insight and creative look at the participants and we want to give them the tools to express their worldviews, joys and anguishes. We believe that, thus, contributing to the formation of conscious individuals, with strengthened self-esteem, and stimulated to an active attitude in the formation of a healthy society “.

How to inscribe

To compete, Pequeno Cineastas must be between 8 and 17 years old and produce a short film with a duration of 1 to 10 minutes in length. The movie can be of any genre: fiction, documentary, experimental and animation. The theme of the film is also free. The cast does not have to consist of children or young people, but the film must reflect the opinions and thoughts of the children and young people involved in its creation. The category in which the film will compete will be defined by the age of the oldest participant.

Educators, teachers and instructors can guide young people in matters related to technical support, such as editing, equipment operation, production, etc., without interfering with the creative process. The selection will take into account, in this order: creativity, use of audiovisual language in the work presented and local representation.

The candidate must email a download link of the short film with high resolution photos and the ‘Making Of‘ of the film. The Organizing Committee of the Festival may deny entries containing messages that violate human rights or democratic constitutional values. The complete regulation is available on the website (FIPC): https://pequenocineasta.com.br.

The short films in competition will be evaluated by a jury composed of ten children/young people between 8 and 17 years old, who already have experience in creating audiovisual works. The audience also vote for the best film in the national and international competition. There are four categories in total, with two winners in each (one selected by the official jury and another by the audience): National Competitive – category films made by children (8 to 12 years); National Competitive – category films made by young people (13 to 17 years); Competitive International – category films made by children (8 to 12 years old); And International Competitive – category films made by young people (13 to 17 years).

Prizes for the winners include a Pequeno Cineasta Trophy and a Kodak Professional Clapboard.

Non-competitive screenings

The schedule of Pequeno Cineasta International Film Festival also includes three other sessions apart from the competition. The “Pequeno Cineasta Workshop Show” screens works done by students from the workshop that Daniela has been leading since 2010. Because of the success of the classes the producer decided to create the festival with the aim of not only creating an interchange between cultures, but also to endorse the final projects created by its students.

Another exhibit is the “Sustente Sua História”, composed by a selection of films focused on sustainability and the environment, created in partnership with the Museum of Environment at the Botanical Garden of Rio. A european exhibit made in partnerships with European centers, completes the program.


About Daniela Gracindo

An actress and producer, Daniela Gracindo holds a degree in film studies from UNESA and she specialized in executive production with an MBA from Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (ESPM) – RJ. She lived in Australia, where she completed the course “Film Making From Start to Finish” at Worker’s Educational Association in Sydney.

Among her anthology the feature film documentary produced, in honor of the actor Paulo Gracindo, her paternal grandfather, entitled “Paulo Gracindo – O Bem Amado” and also the musical “Léo e Bia” by Oswaldo Montenegro, which went to the movie screen. In 2009, she created the Pequeno Cineasta project, designed and developed with a focus on children and young people from 8 to 17 years of age, trying to stimulate children around the world to a participative future by revealing to the society their experience and views by to tell stories through audiovisual language. The project is composed by several , emphasizing the Pequeno Cineasta Workshop and Pequeno Cineasta International Film Festival. In partnership with Canal Brasil, the Pequeno Cineasta Show was aired and directed by Walter Lima Jr.

In 2016, Pequeno Cineasta was invited by the film school Station Next to take two Pequeno Cineastas filmmakers from Brazilian to do an international workshop in Denmark. In the same year the 6th edition of FIPC was held and also formed the 29th class of Oficina Pequeno Cineasta.

Assessoria de imprensa do FIPC

Racca Comunicação

Rachel Almeida

(21) 3579-1352 | (21) 99196-1487 | racca.almeida@gmail.com

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