Sustain Your History

The project “Sustain Your History” aims to motivate kids to share their perceptions about the world, providing a reflection on the consequences of our actions and the search for collaborative solutions. The idea is for them to come together as advocates of a campaign to build a better world through their stories.

In 2019 we have new partners to join forces in this mission!

Gloob and Gloobinho channels and Vale Criativo have joined us on inviting children between the ages of 7 and 12 to participate in the JUNTAÊ, Young Filmmaker! campaign.

In order to participate one just needs to think of a story with the theme “JUNTAÊ* TO IMPROVE THE WORLD“, make a video of up to 1 minute and send it to us!

A selection committee will choose one of the ideas to be the argument of a short film that will be made by Young Filmmakers at VALE CRIATIVO. The film will be released at the 8th International Young Filmmaker Film Festival in October at the CCBB in Rio de Janeiro.

But wait, there’s more!  Besides getting to see their idea transformed into a film, the owner of the idea selected by the committee will be invited to visit GLOOB studios, where the series DETECTIVES OF THE BLUE BUILDING is recorded.

*Juntaê can be understood as a Brazilian slang for get together.

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