Daniela Gracindo (Director)

Actress and producer, Daniela has an MBA on Executive Production in Film and TV from Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (ESPM-RJ). She has worked as assistant director, director, production director and executive producer, and has produced a documentary film in honor of her grandfather actor Paulo Gracindo entitled “Paulo Gracindo – O Bem Amado” (2009), which was acclaimed by both public and critics. In the same year, she created the Young Filmmaker project, developed with a focus on children and young people from 8 to 17. The project aims at stimulating young people by presenting the experience lived by children from all over the world that decided to tell stories through audiovisual language. The project is made of several actions, such as the Young Filmmaker Workshop, the Young Filmmaker Program on Canal Brasil and the International Young Filmmaker Film Festival.

Thaís Antunes  (Production Management)

Graduated in Cultural Production at UFF, Thaís was a founding partner of Arena Jr. Produtora Cultural, a junior company at PURO / UFF, and was marketing coordinator at the same institution. She has worked as executive producer in the city of Rio das Ostras, Caixa Cultural RJ, Central Única das Favelas in RJ, SESI RIO and SESC Rio. In addition to executive production, she was also responsible for consulting on various cultural and sports projects through Sagre Consultoria and, more recently, consulting and production for the International Young Filmmaker Film Festival.

Sância Velloso (Pedagogical Coordination – FIPC)

With degrees in Biology and Psychopedagogy, Sância is best known for her research in the area of Education, Diffusion and Management in Biosciences at UFRJ, and as technical consultant for a TV show on Canal Futura. Since 2006 she works at Escola Parque as pedagogical advisor for middle years’ students. She was the biologist responsible for the Global Warning Project, in partnership with the British Council.

Eduardo Rochwerger (National Coordination – FIPC)

Graduated in Social Communication at PUC / RJ, Eduardo is a producer, actor and co-owner at Werger Produções Artísticas. He has taken part in several theatrical performances since 2000. His latest productions were the “Cinema de Garagem” website, “Law of the Advantage” by Elino Boechat and the production in Brazil for the film “Maximum Cage Fight”.

Kristoffer Hagelberg (International Coordination – FIPC)

Film producer Kristoffer Hagelberg has a degree in Cinema by University West – Sweden. Besides producing films in Europe, he has also worked at Film Festivals like Buster Movie Festival in Denmark, and November Film Festival.

Saulo Moretzsohn (Technical Coordination – FIPC)

With extensive experience as a producer, editor and technical coordinator, Saulo started his own production company Raconto Produções Artísticas in 2007. In the same year he released the feature film “Deusa Cadela”, Alberto Salvá’s last film, in which he was both producer and editor. His latest major productions were Cristiano Requião’s feature film “Outro Olhar” and the documentary “Remar é…”, by Valério Fonseca. In 2017 he joined the production team of the feature film “Federal Police – The Law is for Everyone”, directed by Marcelo Antunes. Since 2010 he is the Technical Coordinator at the International Young Filmmaker Film Festival.

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