International Competitive Exhibition – Young Category

Short film exhibition of all genres made by young people aged 13 to 17 from different countries.


Script and Direction: Manuel Tate y Gabriel Garcia – 13 and 17 years old
Synopsis: A misunderstood boy, repressed by his actions, decides to flee from home even if this is not the best idea, and the night will take him to an unexpected gathering.
Uruguay – 7’43” – Fiction


Script and Direction: Collective direction – Between 12 and 17 years old
Synopsis: How easy is it to spread fake news? High school students try to push fake news in the world and get very far with it.
Netherlands – 10’00”- Documentary


Script and Direction: Students at Cinema Kids between 13 and 17 years old
Synopsis: Some young scriptwriters write a story with dire consequences.
Spain – 7’27” – Fiction


Script and Direction: Sean Treacy – 14 years old
Synopsis: Not everyone can overcome their mistakes. Especially if they can’t be fixed.
Ireland – 8’40’’ – Fiction


Script and Direction: Juan Fernando Martinez Flórez – 17 years old
Synopsis: Nakawe is taken from her home in the U’wa community and admitted to a religious cloister, until an inner voice calls her to action.
Colombia – 9’04’’ – Ficção


Script and Direction: Sopho Gamzardia – 17 years old
Synopsis: Since the times of Adam and Eve the apple is a symbol of sin, but for the little heroes of this film it has a different meaning – a scent of the first pure, sincere love.
Georgia – 3’20’’ – Fiction


Script and Direction: Clara Foss Billing – 16 years old
Synopsis: One night, mother and daughter realise their house is being broken into and need to defend themselves.
Denmark – 8’12’’ – Fiction


Script and Direction: Sean Treacy – 14 years old
Synopsis: The simple body of a camera gives life to a boy’s dream.
Ireland – 2’40’’ – Fiction

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