Frequently Asked Questions

Completion of the application form

If the final cut reflects the opinions and thoughts of the children and young people involved in the creation of the film, it may be registered.

Yes, a collective direction is welcome. Young people of different ages can work together in a film, as long as members of the group are between the ages of 8 and 17. In this case, the category in which the movie will compete will be defined by the age of the older participant.

In the field “Director” type in collective direction and the name and age of the oldest person in the group. In the datasheet you can type in the full name of all people who participated in each function, as well as the age of each member next to their names.

Yes, but you should pay attention when it comes to type in the ages of the participants. Ages should correspond to the year the film was made, for example: if the student who is now 10 years old made the film in 2016 when he was 7 years old, the film cannot be submitted. Next to the participants’ names always type in the age they had when the film was made and not their current age.

The theme is free and it’s to be chosen at the discretion of the participants.

Pictures of scenes. In case there is none, you can send us one or two frames of the short film in the best possible definition.

The film may be freely inspired by some story or book and should include the name of the author and the story in the credits.

Registration and selection confirmation

You will receive an email with this information.

Subscribers of selected films for the International Young Filmmakers Film Festival will be notified by e-mail. Information will also be published in the schedule that will be available on our website www.pequenocineasta.com.br.

Send an email with your question to: contato@pequenocineasta.com.br. Your question can be the same as many others, so keep an eye on the FAQ page. FIPC production thanks you for your participation.

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