Banco do Brasil Presents and Sponsors

Pequeno Cineasta International Film Festival (FIPC) which is an unprecedented project in Brazil that exclusively features films made by children and young people from around the world. The event takes place annually in Rio de Janeiro with it’s seventh edition scheduled for November 2017.

The Traveling Festival emerged from the desire to expand and decentralize the access to the festival with the goal to share and encourage cinematic productions made by our youth.

The project was held for the first time in 2016/2017, sponsored by Banco do Brasil, providing, besides screenings of films from previous festivals, film workshops for the children and youth audience of CCBB in Brasília and São Paulo.

This generation’s talents makes us travel in a universe of creativity!

Fasten your belts and come with us to check out the cinematographic productions of these great Pequeno Cineastas!