What is a child capable of with a camera in his/her hands?

With this question in mind, the actress and producer Daniela Gracindo created Pequeno Cineasta to give voice to the children and young people. Everything started with an organization dedicated to the young film lovers. Oficina Pequeno Cineasta started in 2009 and have education more than 200 kids in the art of film.

Because the success of the movies created by Oficina Pequeno Cineasta, Daniela and the students felt the need for a bigger forum and public to show the movies they created.

“From there I started to research and discovered incredible work from all over the world, done by children and young people. Young people who reveals their artistic talents, have much to add in through their perspectives of the world.”

In 2010 the Pequeno Cineasta International Film Festival was held for the first time. It would become an annual event with the purpose to bring films together from all around the world fully created by children and young people between 8-17 years old.

In 2014 the project grew bigger. Pequeno Cineasta expanded out to the TV screen. Canal Brasil started to broadcast the Program Pequeno Cineasta with Daniela as it’s presenter and producer and Walter Lima Jr as director.